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Trend Toujours RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT Department

Made in Italy

The performances of our colours and the birth of our brand derive from the work of a team of experts who have developed Trend Toujours range through a constant research. And “research” has been our keyword for more than 20 years, resulting today in peerless products in terms of accountability and quality.

Made in Italy

Trend Toujours products, which are distributed all over the world, are anyway developed in Italy, with a “100% Made in Italy” philosophy.


Dynamism, style, fashion are synonyms of Trend Toujours, that since more than 20 years has been supporting salons in setting new trends.

Hair Care

Hair care and wellbeing are the priority of Trend Toujours: for this reason its products always respect the hair.

Wide color range

Trend Toujours offers 85 fashionable shades, with a delicate and technologically adavanced formula, granting a long-lasting, uniform and brilliant color.